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We all know that a work look that makes us confident means a better workday. 

A key piece of any outfit is the hairstyle you pair with it. Here are 25 hairstyles for work that will help you look great in any office or at any work event. 

Work hairstyles for straight hair:

1. Beach waves with a side part. 

This soft beach wave, which can be accomplished using a large roll curler, is perfect for women with straight hair of all lengths. Laid back but still polished, this hairstyle makes you look charming and put together. 


2. Sleek hair with a middle part. 

This sleek style, easily achievable by straightening your hair with a middle part and applying super hold hairspray, adds a bit of drama to your workday. The polished look, paired with a suit or a killer pair of heels, will make you look like a total boss. 


3.  A soft half up-half down style. 

This soft, half up-half down work hairstyle can be easily duplicated by twisting your bangs and pulling them back with a hair band or clip. This style keeps your hair out of your face while still looking elegant, and is perfect for a day in the boardroom or running errands after work. 


4. A light wave with volume at the scalp. 

This soft hairstyle with a light wave and side part can be replicated by letting your hair dry naturally or gently straightening, then adding volume by teasing at your scalp. The laid back look will match everything. 


Work hairstyles for curly hair: 

5. A high pouf. 

This pouf on top of a slick scalp is playful, professional and low maintenance. Plus, the hairstyle pairs with everything. 


6. Asymmetrical, curly ponytails. 

These asymmetrical ponytails, both wrapped at the base with more hair, are an elegant accessory to any work look. When you pair this style with statement earrings, no one will be able to stop you.


7. A top knot with bangs. 

This half up-half down hairstyle is easily achievable by pulling the top portion of hair into a bun and leaving thin bangs across your forehead. Pairing perfectly with any type of neckline, this hairstyle is great no matter what your work wardrobe looks like. 


8. A half up-half down ponytail with curls. 

Similar to the above style, this half up-half down hairstyle can be achieved by pulling the front of your hair into a ponytail on the top of the head. Wrapping the pony in hair gives the classic hairdo a grown up look, and pairing the style with a spray or gel will help you look dewy all day long. 


Work hairstyles for short hair:

9. A slicked back pixie cut. 

The best way to make your pixie cut look brand new for a big day at work is slicking it back with a gel or spray. The edgy look is still super polished, making it a great style for both a meeting or a happy hour after work.


10. A feathery pixie cut with bangs. 

Add some volume to your pixie and pair your feathery look with big earrings and a bold eye for a completely new take on the classic hairstyle. 


11. A sleek bob with volume. 

Style your bob with a straightener then flip your part for a sleek, volumized look. This trendy style screams powerful, and is great for any important work event. 


12. A wavy bob. 

For a more casual work hairstyle, part your short hair into a middle part. Then, add a loose, uneven curl. If you want to make the style particularly fun, pin back some strands with pins or tuck them behind your ear. 


13. An asymmetrical bob. 

Play with the eye by styling your bob asymmetrically. The hairstyle is both experimental and elegant, making it perfect to pair with a power suit for an extra confident workday.


Updos for work:

14. An elegant (but easy) low bun. 

This low bun is a go-to for many professional women. Pull your hair to the top of your neck, twist, then secure the strands with bobby pins. Leaving locks of hair in front of your face makes the style especially elegant (and perfectly frames your trademark work lip). 


15. A double braided top knot. 

This playful work hairstyle puts fly-aways in their place. Begin two French braids at the top of your neck, then feed them into a cute top knot. Use bobby pins to secure the look, and top it off with an awesome pair of earrings. 


16. A sleek, curled ponytail. 

Re-up the classic ponytail with this polished look. Slick your hair back with gel, then pull it to the crown of your head. Wrap your hair band in strands, then give the body of your hair a nice, loose curl. 


17. A tiered ponytail. 

This boho look is laid back but elegant, striking the perfect balance for any day in the office or on the road. Start with a regular pony, then wrap your hair with a hair band every 3 inches (or so). Finish off the look by wrapping the bands in strands of your hair. 


18. A messy high bun. 

A bun means business, but this look is just as fun as it is professional. Pull your hair into a bun, but allow the knot to be a bit fallen. Leave out baby hairs or strands of hair to make this style even more special to you. 


19. A choppy bun. 

Similar to the messy bun, this choppy high bun is polished yet edgy. Leave chunks of bangs or strands of hair in front of your face, then secure the rest of your hair in a high bun, with several strands pouring over and attaching to the top of your head with pins. 


20. A messy ponytail with volume. 

This messy high ponytail is casual yet charming, making it the perfect work hairstyle for any event. Add extra volume by teasing your ponytail and adding a loose curl. 


21. A twisted ponytail. 

This fun take on the polished ponytail is super easy to achieve. Slick your hair back in a tight pony. Then, wrap your hair around itself and secure with a small band at the bottom of the pony. 


Work hairstyles that incorporate accessories:

22. A statement headband hairstyle. 

Dress up your natural hairstyle with a fun headband, like this yellow wrap. The pop of color can be coordinated to your outfit, or to the makeup you’re wearing that day. It’s sure to start a conversation while still keeping things professional. 


23. A statement barrette hairstyle. 

Big barrettes are en vogue, and they make the perfect accessory to dress up any hairstyle. Use them to pin back your bangs while your hair is down, or add them to a sleek ponytail for a trendy look. 


24. A statement clip half up-half down hairstyle. 

Make the half up-half down hairstyle a bit more exciting by pairing it with a fun statement clip. Something gold like the clip pictured above goes with any outfit, and adds a bit of elegance to your overall look. 


25. A textured headband with curls

This headband makes your work day outfit look twice as lux while still not being too showy for a professional setting. Pair it with some classic curls, and you have your new go-to work hairstyle. 


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