Working Parents, Remember That ‘Almost Everything Can Wait ‘Til the Morning’ — Finding Your Balance

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Deesha Schultz. Photo courtesy of Sunrun.

Deesha Schultz. Photo courtesy of Sunrun.

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June 20, 2024 at 7:5AM UTC

Working at home while being a parent can be challenging — you have to constantly strike a balance between your parental responsibilities and professional role, all while still finding time for yourself. So, how do women like you achieve this balance? 

To find out, we asked Deesha Schultz, the Director of Customer Experience Effectiveness at Sunrun. At work, Schultz supports the company’s Customer Experience team with process, tools, training, and vendor relationships. “Our goal is to ensure that our employees are set up for success so our customers get the best possible experience,” she explains. 

And Schultz plays another important role — a mom! As for how she manages these responsibilities while working from home, Schultz reveals that she has two keys to success:

  1. “If possible, have a dedicated work space at home with basic rules of engagement. For example, if the door is closed, Mama is in a meeting and shouldn’t be disturbed.

  2. Focus on the thing you’re focusing on. So, if I’m working and my six-year-old son wants attention, I either ask him to wait a specific amount of time until I’m done with my work task or I take a work break and dedicate my focus to him. When I’m working, the majority of my thoughts are about work. And, when I’m not working, the majority of my thoughts are not about work. I try to respect those boundaries! I do my best to avoid checking emails or chats in the evenings, when I should be focused on family or relaxation. Almost everything can wait til the morning!”

Here, Schultz tells us more about how she’s developed a mindset that empowers her to be her best self, why Sunrun is a great place for working parents, and more! Read on for top advice and inspiration…

Why you need to prioritize yourself (it’s not selfish, we promise).

When asked what her #1 tip is for new working moms, Schultz tells us that it’s to make yourself a priority. As any flight attendant will explain, you need to “put your oxygen mask on first,” before helping others. Schultz has found this to be true in parenting as well. “If I’m not feeling my best, I won’t be able to give my best — at home or at work,” she explains.

But how can you prioritize yourself? Well, the first step is to not be so hard on yourself. “Be gentle and kind to yourself, just like you would to your best friend or partner,” suggests Schultz. “Try to eliminate any feelings of guilt about work — you’re doing great! Think of it this way: a year from now, are you going to remember that walk to the park with your kid or the email that you responded to within 10 minutes? Prioritize the things that matter!” And, the things that matter include yourself!

A quick peek at how Sunrun supports caregivers.

At Sunrun, everything they do is driven by a determination to transform the way we power our lives by aiding the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy while building a sustainable future. This goal pushes the company to always evolve.

One outcome of this forward-thinking mentality is that it “really enables a culture of flexibility,” explains Schultz. “This has been very valuable to me as a working mom!” For instance, she calls her ability to work from home “a huge blessing.”

Further, Sunrun is constantly looking to provide the best benefits and perks they can to working parents such as Schultz. A few of these include:

  • Competitive paid parental leave

  • Maternity leave coaching

  • The WinFertility Maternity Program

  • Lactation facilities

  • Infertility and Conception Services

  • And more!

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