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  • Vacation Allowance (weeks)

    • Lower: 3
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 5
    • permissive time off does not apply in all countries
    • most managers operate under a use it as needed basis without a predefined amount. as long as you get the job done, it can be flexible
    • I had 5 weeks before the permissive vacation policy went into effect. Since last year, I have had 0 weeks vacation.
    • The permissive vacation is turning into NO vacation for most of us.
    • Permissive time off for salaried exempt employees. Not tied to 3 weeks max vacation or set amount of time off.
  • Paid Maternity Leave (weeks)

    • Lower: 6
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 18
    • 16-18 weeks for salaried and hourly workers, 6-12 weeks to non-birth parents.
    • With the switch to permissive time off, I had 12weeks of disability time off and could take another 4weeks under permissive time. The 10weeks that are given by GE can be used anytime until the babies first birthday. For c-section you add 2 more weeks to these totals.
    • • Exempts: 10 weeks paid parental leave following 6+ weeks paid disability/maternity • Salaried non-exempts: 6 weeks paid parental leave following 6+ weeks paid disability/maternity
    • Permissive time off for vacation and illness and maternity for salaried exempt. 12+ weeks granted.
  • Unpaid Maternity Leave (weeks)

    • Lower: 0
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 8
  • Paid Paternity Leave (weeks)

    • Lower: 6
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 16
    • Company offers 6 fully paid weeks off for new dads.
    • Most salaried moms and dads, including adoptive parents, are eligible for up to 10 weeks parental leave. The leave is fully paid for exempts and partially paid for salaried non-exempts. Parental leave is in addition to six weeks paid leave for birth moms for uncomplicated deliveries (8 weeks for Caesarian) and up to 26 total weeks for disability (example: for complications from delivery).
  • Unpaid Paternity Leave (weeks)

    • Lower: 4
    • Median/Consensus:
    • Upper: 4
  • 401k Matching

    • Median/Consensus:
    • match 50 cents to every dollar the employee contributes up to about 7% salary match.
    • Depends when you joined the company. If you are in the Pension plan it is 50% up to 7% of gross. I believe the % are higher if you are not in the pension plan.
  • Healthcare

    • Median/Consensus:
    • I would be further ahead in the Obamacare marketplace; I elected the High Deductible plan because it sort of controls costs.
  • On-Site Childcare

    • Median/Consensus:
      Not Available
    • Company backups childcare.
    • There are on-site childcare and working parents programs on some locations, but it is not company wide.
  • Flex-Time

    • Median/Consensus:
    • At GE 55 % of employees telecommute.
    • Company’s managers are trained to manage work/ life and flexibility concerns of employees.
    • Company is GREAT about this, but it varies manager to manager. I have been full time WFH since 2011 and have had only 1 manager who had an issue with it.
  • Other Benefits

    • 22% of managers and executives are women.
    • Company employs 23 % of women and 26 % of new hires are also women. At GE 100 % of female employees participate in career counseling, 81% participate in management/ leadership trainings and 16 % participate in mentoring.
    • Company contributes to eldercare expenses.
    • GE Appliances offesr an at-home, physician-ordered DNA test that screens for genetic mutations linked to hereditary cancer and high cholesterol.
    • General Electric offers $15,000 lifetime IVF treatment maximum. They use standard pre-authorization and lifetime medication maximum is limited, but limitations vary. Their plan will refuse to cover PGS testing, but will not exclude any clinic.
    • Other benefits like 9/80 schedule at some business units can really make life more efficient.
    • Company has a variety of other benefits, like $$ assistance after a damaging storm, or education loans for our kids' college, which can really add up. These "little" benefits are not a small thing if you can make use of them.

What are the benefits at General Electric? General Electric offers 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, 4 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, healthcare, flextime, 401-k matching. These benefits are based on tips anonymously submitted by General Electric employees.

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