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Headquarters:Denver, CO(United States)201-500 Employees
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At Mercer Advisors, we are driven by our passion in serving our clients and helping them achieve the freedom to control their life journey. Whether if you are new to the wealth management industry or have built up a long career in the field, it quickly becomes apparent that women are still not well represented. Mercer Advisors is a different kind of place. Over 40% of our client-facing staff and advisors are female, compared to the industry average of 23% of women Certified Financial Planners. This place feels different because it is different: You’ll be a part of a strong group of women who are visible, present, and passionate about raising each other up. 

Our new InvestHERS initiative tackles two distinct gaps we see for women and money management: attract more women to the wealth management industry and better serve the unique financial planning needs of women investors. At Mercer Advisors, you can become a part of this supportive environment that helps empower women to become better stewards of their wealth.
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"The culture of supporting and building up women has been present since day one at Mercer."
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