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Women's Job Satisfaction

(5=very satisfied)
56%say women are treated fairly
and equally to men
38%would recommend
to other women
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Highlighted Reviews

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    Lady carlajcoleman SupervisorPrepared Foods

    I worked here 8 years and never had any corrective actions. Come to work everyday and worked by hardest. Was looked up to by just about every Team Member in the store including store leadership. But as a black person always looked over for promotions. They were always given to a "friend". I put in for a request and was denied for false reasons. Basically one of the people in charge of the store abuses her power and does things like that especially to black people or anyone she does not like for HER PERSONAL REASONS. None of which are related to company policy. The store I worked in #59 CTR was very unfair to all black Team Members and there are currently in leadership roles. With the exception of one who happens to be female. She has been working for the store for about 5 years and every time she tries to move up in the company they always give her a reason why they wont let her.

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    Lady Yogini5472 Team Member

    Whole Foods is currently having issues in general with treating their employee population well. If you're a woman, it's even worse. Iv'e personally experienced and also witnessed mistreatment of employees with manageable health conditions, mishandling of leave of absence due to health reason and/or maternity leave. I personally would never work there again and would never refer anyone. Sadly, I did not feel this way during my first year, but what I experienced and also witnessed during my tenure has soured my viewpoint.

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    Lady Joy Administration

    Try to move up, and fast, especially if you have prior experience or knowledge. The longer you remain in basic roles, you will find that you will face many unnecessary challenges. I never saw men negatively treated for being straight forward or challenging standard ideas. Not so for women, however. You are expected to always be pleasant and accepting of upper management roles. Questioning leadership will lead you to the rap of being unapproachable or unable to take feedback.

Crowdsourced Employer Benefits

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Flextime, Healthcare, On-Site Childcare, 401k and more...

How do women feel about working at Whole Foods Market, Inc.? 56% think they are treated fairly and equally to men. 38% would recommend Whole Foods Market, Inc. to other women, and women have a job satisfaction rating of 3.3 out of 5. What are the benefits at Whole Foods Market, Inc.? Whole Foods Market, Inc. offers 0 weeks of paid maternity leave, 16 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, healthcare, flextime, 401-k matching. These benefits are based on tips anonymously submitted by Whole Foods Market, Inc. employees.

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