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January 1970

I've been here almost 4 years. The people are nice. The sexism is rampant, but insidiously covert. There's a lot of talk about doing more to fix the huge imbalance, but it depends a lot on the manager. (ex. In one department, they went years with only one woman at a time, both of whom were fired for mistakes much less egregious than their male peers. They finally promoted the right guy, and their team has picked up three awesome women in six months.) It is very difficult to advance as a woman. You have to do the job first, then ask for it repeatedly to get the promotion/money that equates to the work you're doing. You basically have to be a hardass or the men in the technical roles pretend they didn't hear you. You won't get anywhere in this company being meek or waiting to be noticed. You also have far fewer options if you're not based in HQ in Boston. There's a very "out of sight, out of mind" attitude toward everyone else (even in large regional offices), and that's doubly true for women. WOC? Forget it. There's a few in the entire company of 700+ employees globally. I can only think of ONE who is in management at any level. Whitest company I've ever worked at.

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    Maybe. It really depends on your leadership. That said, even in the best circumstances, the managers are completely tone deaf to their own rampant sexism.

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