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January 1970

Avoid at all costs. Maybe it will work for you, if you're part of their "majority" but if not you will be subject to blatant and subtle sexism and misogyny. No matter what they tell you at the interview, it will be worse when you work there.

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    Not for Pay, Promotion, Hiring, Evaluation and Reviews

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    Many people have to check-in/out whenever they leave the room that they're in. They have a time card system that everyone has to use. You actually end up working more than 40 hours a week because of their hours, and some people abuse that by working from home without permission.

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    None taken

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    There are many people who work here who are simply incompetent. They didn't go to college and were trained on the job, by people who learned as they went. This leads to many people simply not knowing what they're doing. It makes it difficult to work in a professional manner, according to standards set by your profession or industry. As far as working there, as a woman, the men get offended if you wear professional attire that doesn't follow their conservative dress code standards, such as by wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt. Also some people smoke indoors.

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