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"The overall culture is very "good old boy" but certain departments have more women so those areas are a little better. Overall, employees here are underpaid and undervalued (of both genders) but the male dominated depts always seem to be more valued than the female dominated depts (and paid accordingly). There is a company culture of hiring temps for more entry level positions (which tend to be female dominated) but then a HUGE barrier in getting hired on as a full employee even after 1+ years of service to the company. A very important note on maternity leave - the company only offers unpaid leave as they have employees collect SDI and PFL from the state of California. ASICS offers 17 weeks of unpaid leave, to follow the standard CA state paid leave, BUT THEY ONLY PAY FOR 12 WEEKS OF BENEFITS. This means that if a woman cannot afford health insurance premiums 100% on her own, she can only take 12 weeks. Often this means working right up until delivery to maximize the time off after baby arrives. If for some reason she is written out prior to baby's arrival, she may have to return to work extremely early postpartum to avoid paying for insurance out of pocket."
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