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"I no longer work there, but I was there for 2 different maternity leaves. When I went out on leave, there was only 1 week of paid parental leave, and that has since increased to 4 weeks; HR also undertook a huge project to make leave policies more clear and consistent. It's a pretty family-friendly place to work, and I was accorded great flexibility (work-from-home days, etc.) while I worked there. Support for alternative arrangements is definitely dependent on your manager and your division, though, and leadership remains male dominated (interspersed with a few women who either don't have kids or had one back in the day when you were supposed to just "suck it up and not see your family to get ahead" - who unfortunately still have that mindset)."
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"Quite family-friendly, depending on your division and supervisor. But leadership is still quite male-dominated."
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