Attendee Management, Inc.

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"Truly open PTO, no micro managing (they want you to do you job, keep them in the loop, and be happy). "
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"They cover child care fees (including on school holidays, or it's just PTO / WFH / work as possible if you are a remote worker), you never feel bad about staying home when your child is sick, and if you want to do something like take political action or whatever your calling is during work hours you are encouraged to do this - even better if you can incorporate it into your daily job."
Work-Life Friendly Attributes:
Hours, Culture, Policies
Did you take Maternity leave?
"Very family friendly. If you work in the office you can bring the baby in for the first year+ day to day, and can always bring them in on school holidays. Very supportive. Example: A new mom had her baby in the office, was on a conference call with the CEO and a few clients, her baby started crying (she quickly comforted him and continued on). The client paused the meeting to complain, and the CEO SHUT THE CLIENT DOWN and supported having a baby in the office with mom as the right move. "
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