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"If you value flexibility, think twice. Pay is good and the work is interesting, although you are expected to be available 24/7."
Overall Job Satisfaction:
Are women & men treated equally?
Does the CEO support gender diversity?
"not sure"
One thing Bausch & Lomb can improve?
"Improve work-life balance and policies (e.g. flex-time, limit face time)"
Position or Department
Sr Hr Manager, Human Resources
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Level of Flexibility
"In Operations, management can be very inflexible, even for support functions. Leaders often brag about taking vacation time in order to have their annual physical or go to a dentist appointment. The culture is that you must be at your desk before 8:00 a.m. and only slackers leave before 5:00 p.m. You should feel pride if you lose your vacation time because you were too busy throughout the year to take it. Even though leaders work from home after business hours, working from home is talked about negatively and those who work from home during business hours or allow their direct reports to work from home on occasion, are seen as slackers. FMLA or other leave time is also generally discouraged, so many leaders are reluctant to take time for elective procedures, even after years of working with the company."
Did you take Maternity leave?
8 Paid | 0 Unpaid
"I was invited to work during my FMLA leave of absence after my child was born. I was told I would be paid for the time I work and the time would not be counted as leave time, so it was all legitimate, but you never get that time back. I had short-term disability, which paid for 8 weeks of maternity leave."
Would you recommend Bausch & Lomb to other women?
"Pay is fair, but work-life balance is intolerable at times."
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