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January 1970

BNY makes an effort with their "WIN" women's group, but the effort falls flat and on deaf ears. Their WIN events (sometimes attended by the company CEO) even urge women to "allow men to be men" and "careful, don't make the men uncomfortable" because "they are the powerful ones." -those quotes were made by a woman there who made it to the C-suite. Other women in different departments at the company in Managing Director positions likened their experience with the company very "Sex in the City" - "glamorous if you're willing to sleep your way to the top." I am quoting word for word, as I had never worked in such a Wolf of Wall Street type environment and started taking notes and keeping evidence. In my time there, I was subjected to what amounted to company condoned sexual harassment, stalking, and assault. I tried to keep quiet about the hostile (and sometimes dangerous) environment in an effort to keep my job - which I was very good at and enjoyed - however, when the harassment became apparent to HR, I was offered a severance - less than 24 hours after the most egregious offender was terminated. For further info on treatment of women by BNY, see the NYT article: http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/dealbook/2013/08/02/bank-of-new-york-mellon-wins-sex-bias-case

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