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January 1970

The camaraderie here is great and I work with a great group of people. Management, however, is undergoing some much needed turnover, though very slowly. I hope when the old guard leaves, the new leaders will respect womens contributions to this company and acknowledge them with proper promotions, pay, and bonuses. I feel positive about the future of this company. Also, we are super white. Like really, really white. Especially in management and up.

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  • Are Women and Men Treated Equally?

    Not for Promotion, Hiring, Evaluation and Reviews

  • Took Maternity Leave Here? (Weeks)

    None taken

  • Work-Life Friendly Attributes:

    Hours, Culture

  • One Thing Employer Could Improve

    Promote more women into leadership positions

  • Recommend to Women?

    Maybe. The company is currently transitioning from the old management to newer, younger leaders (ageing out). Right now, women are rarely hired for executive leadership rolls (even middle management) but this will hopefully change as the older leaders retire.

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