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January 1970

Librarianship historically is female-dominated, so women do very well at BPL. Being entrenched in city bureaucracy and union politics, it sometimes feels as if nothing can ever get done efficiently. Motivated movers and shakers may hit walls and become disheartened. Those that want to sit and ride out until retirement have a place. While there is no maternity leave "policy" or maternity pay, like most employers you can exhaust your sick and vacation time for maternity leave. FMLA will protect your job, and supplemental (voluntary) short term disability is an option. Maternity leave without pay can be granted via a Leave of Absence for up to one year. I don't believe this applies to paternity leave. When taking a significant leave of absence such as this, your former position may not be held for you, but a position will be found for you upon your return.

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    8 hours

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    None taken

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    Maybe. It depends on the department/boss.

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