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January 1970

Low, low, low pay and the illusion of gathering different opinions but the decisions have already been made by someone in upper administration. The students are practically ready to grab pitchforks and burn someone at the stake for the astronomical tuition prices and lack of scholarships. It makes for a very hostile environment at times. The student body today is made up of mostly wealthy kids who expect to get what they pay for and they have little substance in their work. It's not that most of them are horrible, it is only that they lack the life experience that would be incorporated in an artwork by someone who had more adversity in their lives. This school is not what it used to be or at least what I was lead to think it used to be. There is still a great deal of intellectual rigor among much of the faculty but even that is disappearing as more full time professors are gone and they are being replaced indefinitely by Adjuncts working 2-3 other jobs.

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    Maybe. It depends on the department. The old boys club that used to sleep with students is either dead, retired or shamed into silence.

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