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January 1970

I've worked at the company for 2 years. I am uncertain if I am getting paid the same as men at my same level. Time is typically flexible, and I'm able to make up work from home (we all get laptops) if I need to, which is great with prenatal appointments and childcare needs. PTO seems to be generous but is limited and accrued per pay period. I took maternity leave after working for less than the typically required 1 year of employment for FMLA, which was generous of them. I received 60% of my pay for 12 weeks (so I entered 7 paid/5 unpaid weeks here). I hope this can be improved in the future to 100% pay for 18 weeks, but I'm doubtful this would happen. The more time with a newborn without taking a financial hit, the better. The company requires that you take your earned PTO days for the year first before taking maternity leave, all adding up to 12 weeks max. In my opinion, this is a horrible policy and dings you for taking the leave. No PTO is accrued while out on leave, which is also a poor policy, as having an infant can be unpredictable with time off needs. If you do not return after the 12 weeks, you will owe back health insurance from the 12 weeks you were off.

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    8 hours

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    7 paid / 5 unpaid

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    Maybe. Maternity leave policy can be improved. Uncertain if men and women receive equal pay for equal work.

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