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January 1970

I think the culture can vary a lot depending on your supervisor. My supervisor is a proponent of professional development so I've been able to attend some excellent trainings and schools, as well as work on projects that have really challenged me and helped me to grow. With regard to family, my supervisors have all been very supportive of work life balance, so I've had a very positive experience since my first child was born. However, in some areas there is not as much flexibility due to city policy - for example, no paid maternity leave and no official policy for working remotely. With unpaid maternity leave, you end up having to pay cobras for your health insurance and your anniversary date with the City changes she which affects future retirement and pension benefits. Also, childcare options within the city are limited. The city only has one daycare partner that gives city employees priority on the waiting list (no discount though - and it's expensive, upwards of $2000/month for an infant). The school is great, but I was on the waiting list at 12 weeks pregnant for my first child and we did not get off of the waitlist until my child was 7 months old, leaving a 3 month gap between the end of my maternity leave and our daycare start date. Finally, without an official city policy re: working remotely your opportunites there can vary across departments and leadership's willingness to ok that option. In sum, there is definitely room for improvement and some changes I'd like to see, but great overall work culture and experience.

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