College Church in Wheaton

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"With working at a church, all the pastors are men with very few women directors. Most women are in support staff roles as administrative assistants. The benefits are great since it's a non-profit religious organization, however the compensation is not comparable. The pastors make significantly more than the support staff, and the support staff is made to feel like they should be grateful for what they get by the Administrative Director (who is, ironically, a woman). They're not family friendly and try their best to NOT be flexible (for example, you're reprimanded for coming in late and staying late no matter what your reason). HR is not on your side, and basically what your boss says goes--because they're pastors and can't be wrong. The only good things about working here are that most of the co-workers are wonderful to work with, the healthcare benefits are hard to beat, and the work can be fulfilling. However, over time the cons outweigh any pros."
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"They do what is minimally legally required; but "comments" bordering on harassment are made."
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