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"I've worked here for more than six years. Until recently, the company had an entirely male executive team, but has since gotten a new CEO, women on the executive team and a new HR director. The company is probably 90% people in their 20s and 30s, and most positions require travel. Most people stay here for the cool job (putting on races, making magazines), rich health benefits and awesome coworkers. The company feels constantly unstable financially however, and the turnover rate is quite high. Not every department or role has much room for advancement. For maternity leave, employees receive nothing from the company--HR only does what is required by law in the state of California and nothing more. There's not a great work-life balance promoted in the culture, but certain departments seem to have found it (mainly depends on your boss)."
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"It's an endurance sports company and has excellent benefits. Teh job sounds great on paper, and coworkers are great. However, there's a huge disconnect between the executive team and the average employee. The company also doesn't do anything beyond what's required by law for maternity leave."
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