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"It’s a great place to build a career while having children without fear of being held back. Not every team at Concordia is equally inspiring and supportive, but the student recruitment team has excellent manager and the vibe overall is positive and collaborative. Plus, the benefits are excellent, including a defined benefit pension. On the whole, Quebec is a great province to be a young professional woman - we have a strong pay equity law, shared paternity and generous maternity leaves, $7/day daycare and a good provincial drug and medical plan. You’ll need French, but it’s learnable."
Overall Job Satisfaction:
Are women & men treated equally?
Does the CEO support gender diversity?
One thing Concordia University can improve?
"Not much; it's a great place to work"
Position or Department
Student Recruitment Officer, Administrative
Recent Salary
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Is paid parental leave offered, and if so, how much?
52 Weeks Paid | 26 Weeks Unpaid
"You get 12 months maternity at 93% pay thanks to a combined coverage provided by the provincial government and Concordia. You can also extend the leave for another 6 months unpaid or share the leave with your partner regardless of their gender. You keep the same seniority that you would had you never gone on leave and there are generous health and leave benefits if you miscarry. Unfortunately only $5k (lifetime max) of fertility drugs are covered and there is no IVF coverage beyond a tax credit available even under the provincial plan (something I am sadly all too aware of at the moment)."
Would you recommend Concordia University to other women?
How supportive is your manager?
Which benefits are offered?
Parental leave, Health care, Childcare, Pension, Fertility

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