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January 1970

It's a mans' world, like any other industrial setting. However, MOST men realize we live in the 21st century, and will respect you as long as you pull your weight. I've had a fantastic experience with the guys on all crews-- my supervisor, on the other hand, has a documented history of discrimination against females. When it became an issue, I went to HR for help. Despite 25 and 30-year veterans, guys on my crew, and even other supervisors being willing to testify to the fact that discrimination had been going on, HR refused to act... They wouldn't even speak with the host of witnesses (my guess to the cause of that is because if they ask and receive confirmation of my story, they HAVE to act, by law.) They claimed that they were initiating an "investigation," and then weighed only his word against mine, despite the proof and witnesses. It all depends on your department-- just don't expect HR to act on your behalf, if you experience a problem.

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    Maybe. Depends entirely on your department-- just don't expect HR to help, in the event you experience a problem.

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