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January 1970

This company offers job sharing to people in sales roles if they are persistent and some have secured 4 day workweeks as part of their negotiation. They provided both job sharers full-time benefits and 60% vacation and sick time for a 3 day workweek until the 2008 recession and then changed their policy to not include benefits and a finite small number of sick/vacation days. The company does a good job promoting women into management positions. It is a smaller radio company and there was an extraordinary amount of turnover for the industry in management at the middle level and top level as well as weak moral and higher than usual employee turnover. I had on average 1 manager each year I worked there. The company seemed visionary at first but did little to encourage professional development and show employees that they cared about their well-being. There was above average employee turnover and poor moral and no real HR department to address issues. They were focused on duplicating a cookie cutter proposal and sales method with every move and proposal scrutinized by one to three managers resulting in a very inefficient, cumbersome way to do business that also showed employees how little they valued their talent and expertise.

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    8 hours

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    4 paid / 8 unpaid

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    Maybe. too micro-managery

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