Fidelity National Financial, Inc.

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"At least in the Omaha office, the majority of the employees are women. All the assistants and clerks, with the possible exception here or there, are women, and the ratio of male to female attorneys here is probably 2:1. However, management is almost all male. A few recent promotions may prove to change that, but we'll see. At least in my department, the bosses are fair and don't appear to treat anyone differently based on gender. There are a few "Favorites" of the bosses, but that seems to be mostly based on performance. Attorneys are expected to put in quite a few hours (a norm for the legal field) but the bosses are pretty laid back about daytime appointments, lunches, and outside obligations as long as you are getting your work done. Maternity leave here is non-existent. You have to use a combination of FMLA/accrued PTO. That's a decision made by the head honchos of FNF, and way beyond the control of anyone here in my office. The one woman I know in my department who had a baby recently was able to negotiate a reduced schedule after she came back to work. I've worked here one year and gotten good feedback on my work and an 8% raise. Bonuses are competitive in my department, and I haven't gotten one yet, but hoping that I will soon! I think this is a good job if you're a young female attorney and starting your legal career, and/or if you're not trying to start a family. There are opportunities to move up in the Company if you decide to stay here, and it's good experience if you decide to leave."
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"There is no paid maternity leave, so you have to use a combination of FMLA and accrued vacation time. However, at least in my department, bosses are pretty understanding and not draconian about being at your desk exactly at 8 AM. I know they've been flexible with some new moms who've requested temporarily reduced schedules and working from home. For women that don't have kids, such as myself, the company atmosphere is mostly pleasant and I think that the bosses are fair to female employees, at least in my office."
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