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"Do not work here. You will not be happy unless you are 100% ok with pretending to respect and submit to a scantily clad, racist, anti-Semitic, insecure, rude woman who is only interested in tearing other women down. "
Overall Job Satisfaction:
Are women & men treated equally?
Does the CEO support gender diversity?
One thing Foster Design Build can improve?
"The "Operations Manager" has a very obvious habit of tearing down, blocking promotion, and firing, any woman she finds threatening to her, whether by attractiveness or confidence, often both. Every confident and attractive female employee was targeted by this terribly insecure Operations Manager and systematically removed. The owner is very aware of the pattern, believes that she is guilty of this, and yet nothing is done about it. They simply opt for more submissive, less threatening hires who she can feel power over. If she does not feel supreme power over a female, they will be targeted and terminated. "
Position or Department
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Level of Flexibility
"The Operations Manager is free to come and go at the times she pleases, however no one else can. She is the only one who gets exception. "
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