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January 1970

Give it some time - the leadership is receptive to change, though it may take a while. GBD genuinely cares about its employees, so we will get there.

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    None taken

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    Improve work-life balance and policies (e.g. flex-time, limit face time)

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    Maybe. Women and men are given equal treatment and responsibility which is wonderful. This does not mean that women are receiving what they need to thrive. Both men and women could benefit from more flexible schedules. Women AND men should have more opportunities to job share, work part time, work from home, etc. This would be especially beneficial to those who start families or need to care for others. Having job shares does NOT mean doing menial tasks. If you're a qualified worker, you should just be entrusted with a proportionally smaller work load, not less important, when you are working less hours. I fully believe that GBD supports men and women equally, but I do not think that we currently give women the leg up they need to be successful when they are pursuing a successful career AND raising a family. We only have 1 woman in the office who has children. Nearly all of the men do. That means something.

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