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January 1970

Women are definitely not given fair salaries in healthcare careers compared to men. This company gives higher salaries than other hospitals, but they make it obvious to employees that it's really not non profit and they need to cut costs constantly. It's very contradictory since the hospital promotes child well being, but could care less about the employee's children and therefore the employee's quality of life ... They solicit donations from for profit companies, but who knows how much of this the children & families see because the employees don't see any of this despite rising insurance costs and insurance companies making tons of money. It's definitely rewarding work to work with patients and families but a lot of times by the time the family gets to the medical care, they are frustrated by the system & the hoops they had to jump through to get to their appointments... Which makes it hard on the employees and a lot of pressure to give families even better care. Middle management then hears complaints from families but they don't side with employees, they just blame them and put more pressure on. Hours are very long and pay is low compared to other fields in which higher pay would be compensated for same level of work, time expertise. It's also hard to get a day off - you have to request 3 months ahead during the summer months which are busy or during holidays. Management is permitted to take more days off. There is no seniority snd company favors younger workers be cause they are cheaper, so the older you get & more experienced you get, you basically get no raise even though you've got more responsibility and you're doing a higher level of work. Working with all females and some males which are favored and in some ways the other females make advancing harder with archaic views of the workplace despite younger workers promoting positive changes.

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