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January 1970

This man is everything that is wrong with large companies. As a manager he was reprimanded for speaking down to and demeaning female employees yet he was somehow able to not only retain his job but get promoted to plant opperations manager. Since taking the helm of the HON CSO plant three managers have left and 7 engineers have left. I personally have not had a manager or even lead engineer to report to in 8+ months, leaving me and several other reporting to him directly. In that time I have never received any coaching oboe has he taken any time to learn about my background and qualifications. This led to several comments in meetings where he made backhanded comments about a project I was working on where he (without every looking at me) chastised the status of the project and my abilities, despite the project being on schedule. It wasn’t until he finally came to a meeting I set up (after he had failed to show for four previous meetings) that he understood the status and that I was qualified to develop this new process as I had souly run a large part of the affected department in my previous role. He has openly demeaned and talked down to several employees in front of the entire office. HNI as a whole is great but whatever you do stead clear of CSO & a manager.

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    Not eligible for bonus

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    Not for Pay, Promotion, Evaluation and Reviews

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    New management

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    Maybe. If certain managers and operations managers were removed I would.

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