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January 1970

I worked there for nearly 3 years. While there are a lot of women there, there were very few that made their way up to partner (that was a good old boys club). I think that has been changing since I left but definitely the case while there. If you push for it, its possible to have a good work life balance but navigating through the lack of structure to make things happen is challenging. You have an "advocate" but every time you meet with them they say lets revisit that the next time we meet. Non-hierarchy can be very frustrating unless you are tenacious and work hard to figure out how to get the processes or tools in place to do your job well.

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I think this is great to have on your resume and the alumni community is strong. If you are looking to be in the design consultancy space its a great place to cut your teeth but not great if you are looking for long term growth. This is a non-hierarchical workplace so you often have to navigate ambiguity and get the buy in of many to get a process or tool implemented. In a normal structure you would simply pitch your idea or needs to a boss, outlining why it is necessary and what kind of budget you need for it then you easily get a decision. In a non-hierarchical environment you are challenged not only with your own job but also for figuring out how to make things happen that will help the discipline grow or you grow.
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Lady OnTheRise Lead, San Francisco Studio
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January 1970

I worked at IDEO for several years and saw its transition to a partnership. Overall, the partnership (where all the power is) is dominated by a boys' club. This seems to be by design because the founder of the firm has always openly stated that he just wanted to create a company in which he could "work with his friends." Those friends, not surprisingly, seem to be almost all male. Below the senior levels of leadership, however, women are not treated very differently. The maternity leave and flexibility are quite amazing, especially for a consulting firm. There is total respect for family commitments and obligations and the senior leadership respects and treats people well.

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