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January 1970

Don't go there. Full stop. The senior managers were a nightmare. Since they were all old white men, anyone with a uterus was immediately ignored and disrespected. When my boss was looking at LinkedIn, he expressed amazement that 'there are so many women working nowadays.' I was stunned. My ideas were ignored or overturned as soon as the old men went for lunch together (I was never invited) and they would come back with a whole new plan than the one we decided on hours ago. Not worth your time One woman is the best employee they have but she only has a manager title, while the men who haven't been there as long and aren't half as competent as her are all directors. What does that tell you?!

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    8 hours

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    None taken

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    Maybe. Absolutely not. Terribly misogynistic and very old boys club. Senior management is made up of all 60+ aged white men

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