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January 1970

Limited job options, low pay, the company is extremely mismanaged - they do not have a set guide of procedures in place and change the rules every other day. Despite this, you'll receive a reprimand for following the old rules before you've learned of the newest change. They value time over quality, at the expense of the client. The training and explanations of procedures are severely lacking. Due to these reasons, employees are constantly contradicting each other. I'm also forced to remain in one of the lowest positions due to lack of opportunity, even though I've worked professionally for 15 years, have previously owned my own company, and have more experience than most of the men in charge. However, my location is limited in job opportunities. In addition, I believe this company is extremely unethical in their business dealings and it's extremely bothersome to now have a lack of opportunity that would allow me to work for a company and in a position that I would not only enjoy, but would thrive and again have pride in my work.

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    Not for Pay, Promotion, Evaluation and Reviews

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    None taken

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    Hours, Culture

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    Improve my compensation

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