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McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

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"Echoing my previous response to the question of whether or not I would recommend this employer to other women the answer is - it depends. Unless you are on a engineering/construction management based track you will be treated as dispensable without a clear career path and will be completely undervalued and underpaid. I have seen this firsthand for myself as well as other females in the company over my 10+ year tenure. If you are looking to make a career on the operations side of the company then it is slightly better given that the company has developed a "partnership for women" initiative to boost PR effort and their image in this current climate of women empowerment. So chances are, if you strike while the iron is hot and you are engineer/operations based, you might be able to advance or be rewarded in order for them to check the box for their numbers to include diversity/inclusion/females in management. "
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"There is no uniformity of flexibility or work-life balance across the board for employees, regardless of exempt or non-exempt status. Some employees can operate autonomously and come and go as they please with no one questioning or giving a second thought while other employees on the same team are scrutinized and micro managed regardless of proven output and demonstrated ability in managing time, deadlines, and projects. "
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