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January 1970

I've worked here for 5 years. There are many women who work here in support, management, and leadership roles. Despite being a company in the health field, they inexplicably do not offer any paid maternity leave benefits. They rely solely on the California state laws (FMLA, etc.). I haven't had to take maternity leave yet, but it seems that women are not harshly penalized for taking leave. Most women take about 3-4 months (most of which is covered at only 60% of your salary by FMLA).

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    Maybe. Working from home is frowned upon by many of the department heads, but they do give you some latitude in your start/end time. There are a fair number of women in leadership roles, though not as many now as there were in the past. I have experienced some low-grade condescension from men who work here, but no overt discrimination (that I know of).

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