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National Communications Services, Inc.

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Employee Reviews
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"That it's a place where women are not allowed to do the fun work that the males were able to. They were limited to sit in their dark office and write knowledge based articles for Microsoft on beta products. Not much advancement for women here."
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Level of Flexibility
"Many people stayed busy by not going to the main office, so the field technicians would just sleep in a small phone or office room at one of the many buildings that Microsoft has in the Redmond/Puget Sound area. One lady would stop at a few stores on company time just because she knew she'd get away with it. I don't mean just to get a quick bite to eat. I mean going into Target to shop, stopping in and waiting for a salesman at Costco for her to upgrade he son's phone plan, and stopping in the nearest vape shop to get new product for her to smoke in the company vehicle."
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