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January 1970

This company is still ingrained in the old boys club, their benefits are good, but when it comes to maternity leave, they are lacking. It seems like they only do what is required of them by law. You get the full 12 weeks, however, only 30 days are covered under Extended Sick. The remainder of your time will come from your vacation,sick, and floating holidays. Leaving your 100% depleted when you return. The structure is set up so that you will most likely have to take unpaid leave, if you want to stay out the full 12. They have a ONETRUST that was originally touted as something that could help, however, they have specifically excluded maternity leave - since it isn't an emergency.

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    9 hours

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    10 paid / 2 unpaid

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    Maybe. There is a lot of opportunity for the company to make things more equitible. It is a male dominiated industry, however, women are becoming a force on the business side.

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