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"I have worked here for 4 years and it is a very pro-female environment. Our Sheriff is a woman and we are actively working on raising our number of women from 11% to as high as we can get it. The administration is supportive of all its employees. They listen to our suggestions and change things based on what we suggest. It is a male-dominated profession, but as long as you work hard and have good officer safety (don't worry, they will train you on all you need to know) it is a very rewarding job and your gender really does not matter. All people here care about is if you do your job well. It's pretty motivating to work with such great partners. Our administration has actively been asking us women what we want to see in our department and how we can change to be more attractive to other women. I know that I can promote as high up as I want in this department because I can see all the women who have gone before me. I am not worried that taking off 3 months for maternity leave will hinder my career. I know my job will be waiting for me at the other end, and my future will be just as bright as before I took my leave."
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