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January 1970

I came to Palantir as a brand new mother and was blown away by the benefits, general culture, and flexibility with work schedules (especially compared to what I was used to at the US Government). They care about whether my work gets done and the quality, but don't really index on what hours I'm actually putting in at the office. It's ok to work from home when I need to, and I choose to do a lot of work after my son is asleep so that I can spend some quality time with him in the afternoons. The company grew really quickly and they're still catching up on a few things (expanding mother's rooms, etc), but they've always been open to and immediately actioned constructive feedback when I've provided it, and it's really nice to know they take seriously the things that matter to their employees. We have some (but not a ton) of women in leadership positions, but I think the disparity is more closely linked to the fact that there aren't a ton of women in the tech industry. Bottom line: Things aren't perfect, but they've done a ton for families, are open to feedback, and are totally supportive of making meaningful changes.

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    The parental leave packages here are awesome. Primary caregiver gets 16 weeks paid leave, secondary gets 4 weeks paid leave, and new parents get a "baby bonus" when your child is born to help out with the upcoming costs.

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