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January 1970

In 2016 several key leadership positions were filled by women or by men from outside of the company. This is significant because the presiding culture is to promote the best Salesmen into Executive roles. The offices of Director/VP/C-level are filled with crusty old white men who started here 30+ years ago as sales reps. The culture is still very tied to a boots-on-the-ground mentality. I am hopeful that the new hires, who come from better-known Minnesota HQ companies like Target, Land O'Lakes, and Thomson Reuters, will bring with them the breath of fresh air that's desperately needed among our executive leadership. The Executives seem to know they need to change, but I still see them wanting "others" to change around them. These are old dogs who are fresh out of tricks.

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    Not for Promotion

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    Flexibility varies by team and by manager. Typically working in IT offers a lot of flexibility.

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    Hours, Culture

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    Promote more women into leadership positions

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    Maybe. For 20+ years only white salesmen were promoted into leadership positions. Changes made in 2016 may be to the benefit of the entire company, but it will take time to see if it's enough.

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