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Madam Blue Butterfly

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January 1970

Men are paid much more even if you have more experience than the men. Not only is the maternity leave a joke, the HR department is terrible. They don't seem to know anything about taking a leave even maternity leave. It was a messy runaround with them. Not only do you only receive 6 weeks of leave with 5 weeks of pay, you only receive 60% of your pay for those 5 weeks and if you want to take the full 3 months of short term disability you absolutely cannot be paid for the remainder of the time. First this is because you have to use all your sick time before the maternity leave pay kicks in even though they don't pay for those sick days so you have no sick time left to help pay yourself with and you have been out of office so you haven't been building up vacation time you could also use to pay yourself with. this is very very frustrating. My husband... the person not giving birth to our child has a 6 week paternity leave, 100% pay, no breaks in the pay. needless to say he does not work at the same company as myself. Men at this company have no paternity leave, which i find terrible. I couldn't imagine not having my husband there with me, at least for the first few weeks, of being home with a newborn. That's my story. :(

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