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"So far, I've worked for almost 1 year continuously. My initial run with the company had to be cut short. Having my son and taking a maternity leave meant that I would lose my job. The company hired me back, but that meant during the peak season, time with my son was almost non existant on some days. I can understand that we need to meet the demand of our clients, but you can definitely tell that it has taken a toll on the moms on the job. I, along wih other moms, have spent more time calling and asking about our children on some days than actually spending time with them. In order to get paid maternity time off, you need to be a permanent employee and already paying for short term disability through the company insurance AND FMLA. This company can also give you additional breaks to pump, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Women generally work in my department, and frankly, the men in my company and department can be a lot better than the women unfortunately. If only we women at my job can work on the same page, instead of against each other."
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