People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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"A big plus is the organization is not ageist, even though the staff skews young, white, and female. They hire/employ/value older people and also hire back former employees. The pay is low, so you have to be invested in the mission and preferably be vegan. The work culture is 24/7, so it's better if you can find an hourly position that is eligible for overtime. Benefits are subsidized for you but not your spouse."
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"There is not paid maternity leave per se, only short-term disability that you can elect to pay for."
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"My hesitation is that it seems like nonprofit salaries have been stagnant for 15+ years, and women end up making less and accruing less toward Social Security, with this added guilt that it's a mission-driven organization, so you're not supposed to ask for more pay. But that applies to a lot of nonprofits, not just this one."
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