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January 1970

It was a complete and total boys club. As a new employee, I was made into a joke not only for my skill level but for my appearance. My male counterpart on the same skill level was invited to all of the important meetings, given the "real" client work, and treated with much more respect because he was "one of the guys." I Other women in the company felt and experienced the same things I did, but since it was a very small agency the "HR" was the very people causing the problems. I have confirmation from several other employees that my male boss passed me over for work, made rude comments on my appearance and ability, and treated me with very little respect because I am female. The bosses talked about their past drug use and very intimate and violating details about their wives in open air. The fact that women were treated unfairly at Pocket Hercules was almost palpable. I would never recommend working here to any woman.

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    Not for Pay, Promotion, Evaluation and Reviews

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    None taken

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    Stop leaving women out of the conversation. We aren't invited to social outings with clients that we should be, we aren't invited to meetings that we should be, and we aren't given equal amounts/types of work.

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