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January 1970

I worked there for quite some time. I feel like management took advantage of my nativity and skills. I was almost running the entire business operations after just a few short months. (I was left completely on my own, to my own devices (which should have tipped me off to how the rest of my employment with them would go)after only being there 3 days. Don't get me wrong, not everything about my experience was bad. The other employees I worked with were mostly enjoyable people. My only complaint was ever with management, or rather lack of it. Even though I put in place several ideas that wound up saving the company money, my ideas and input were rarely ever taken into account or listened to. I'm not saying I have the best or brightest ideas but I think some of them at least deserved more discussion. I guess my issue with this really lies with how much personal pressure that management would put on each employee that the success of the business was up to the employee but then not allowing the employees any input into ideas or policies at all.

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