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January 1970

There are a lot of women at Redfin, many in high level positions (CTO, SVP of Comms, Directors, etc.). Overall I like working at Redfin and have learned a lot from some really smart people. That being said, Redfin does a fair to middlin' job of accommodating work/life balance - nothing above and beyond what you'll find at other startups: catered lunches 3 days per week in Seattle, standing desk option, Mother's room for pumping... What I really appreciate about Redfin are our health care benefits. We pay ZERO monthly premiums, 0% coinsurnace, and very low annual deductibles and copays. What could use improving: - Compensation: internal equity could use a review for market adjustments across ALL groups, not just engineering. - 401K: LOTS of companies, including pre-IPO companies, offer a match. Redfin does not. - Transit: Seattle's traffic is becoming untenable unless you live within walking/biking distance or a short bus ride. Redfin currently provides a partial subsidy towards a bus pass, which is great for those who live within Seattle proper but not sufficient/helpful for those who live outside of Seattle and are faced with either long bus rides (with multiple transfers) or sometimes longer commutes and sky high daily/monthly parking rates in Downtown Seattle. Extending the bus subsidy to those who need/want to drive would be a good start. As a new mom taking the bus every day doesn't sound appealing when I live outside of Seattle proper. - WFH: it's known that the CEO does not like corporate employees (those working at HQ in Seattle or SF) working from home. Sometimes working from home is a necessity (sick child, appointments, etc.) and it doesn't feel good to know that your business looks down upon you taking care of your family's needs.

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