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"Reuter Walton Commercial review See Recommend to Women? section regarding what is like working for this employer."
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"When I was extended an offer of employment I was able to negotiate additional salary and additional PTO that was above the standard 10 days that they offered. Just in talking to other colleagues it seemed that everyone else just accepted the standard 10 days and whatever salary was originally offered. I feel like I was compensated fairly because I had the experience and the confidence in my skills/ability and didn't have any hesitation about negotiating for a better salary/benefits. However, since RWC is newer company they did a lot of hiring while I worked there. Out of the new graduates/entry level PE's they hired I know for a fact that the one female new hire that graduated in 2017 was offered significantly less salary than the other new hires that were male that graduated around the same time and had very similar work experience. RWC gives yearly reviews, raises and bonuses. For salaried employees you have an opportunity to receive a raise during review time and if you work on a project management/field team there are additional bonuses tied to project performance ($0-$5,000/project). In 2016 the owners rewarded the managers that had been with RWC from the beginning with a week long trip to Hawaii and have mentioned maybe doing that again or something similar down the road. The office space is new and modern and in early 2018 RWC moved into another new/modern work space that already housed the other RW sister companies. RWC has nice workspace set ups- dual monitors with current programs/software that the rest of the construction industry utilizes. From Memorial day to Labor day RWC has 'Flex Fridays' where every other Friday you can take a 1/2 day without it counting against your PTO as long as you squeeze in 40 hours into 4.5 days and coordinate project coverage with your project team. ‘Flex Fridays’ are nice if you can take advantage of them, but from my observation the only people consistently able to take a ‘Flex Friday’ are upper management and support staff(admin/receptionist). The project managers/engineers are always very busy and might take two ‘Flex Fridays’ all summer. RWC is very flexible if you have a to come in a little late or leave early for personal appointments and doesn’t make an issue of it or count it against your PTO. Usually you just discuss this type of thing with your project team and note in on your calendar so everyone is aware. RWC also has regular events throughout the year (Polar Plunge, BBQ’s/softball in the summer, Holiday parties, events for summer interns, etc). I found it difficult to have work-life balance and averaged 65-70 hours per week and still felt like this amount of time was inadequate to get all the tasks done that I was responsible for. A portion of that 65-70 hours was weekend work, whether it be working from home or coming in on a Saturday or Sunday and working 5-6 hours. In my opinion, on the office side of the business, the project engineers bear the brunt of the project management workload taking on more of a PM/PE/Admin role whereas the PMs act more like a project leader. The field staff, supts and asst. supt, are amazing and easily put in way more hours than anyone in the whole company. I think that RWC has a few years of growing pains ahead of them and needs to develop better processes and procedures for certain aspects of construction. The estimating and project turnover process to the project management team isn’t as good or complete as other companies and PM/PE’s have to spend a lot of time after turnover analyzing quotes, verifying scopes and adjusting the budget before they can buyout most of the subcontracts. Additionally, getting a subcontract out the door at RWC is very cumbersome and the actual scopes of work for a particular division vary quite a bit in detail and length depending on who is putting it together. RWC needs to set up a system for PM/PE’s to more quickly be able to go from vendor scope checklist to subcontract without having to type everything up for each new contract. It seems like everyone copies and pastes contract line items from other projects and end up including contract language for things that are not specific to that job or missing contract items all together that need to be noted. I think addressing both of these items would go a long way in making greatly reducing the amount of hours and make the job more enjoyable overall. "
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