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"While there aren't very many women on the engineering teams right now, they are making an excellent effort to hire more (and they're making progress). My boss (and some coworkers) make a concerted effort to talk to me about my experience at the company and any improvements I think need to be made from my experience as a woman on the team. I feel like my opinions and experiences are valued and respected. The company also has a great work/life balance. You aren't expected to do work on the weekends and most people are out of the office by 6 or 7 every evening. We have an unlimited PTO policy, but not an official maternity/paternity policy which is worrisome. A few people have taken paternity leave since I've been at the company, but I haven't been here long enough for someone to take maternity leave (not too many women...). One employee only took a week for his paternity leave while the other took a month or two, I think it was personal preference."
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