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January 1970

I've worked here for ~4 years. Women make up around 80% of the front line staff, about 40% of middle management, and very little of the upper management. I'm in middle management, and I feel respected and my ideas listened to. On the day-to-day side of things, women are treated well and I have no complaints. There's still a fair amount of the good ol' boy network still around that makes advancement more challenging than it needs to be, but SWPE is still probably more open to women in management than many other companies. The zoological departments are the most female-friendly, although even though all the zoo VPs are male. Maternity policies are standard, which in the US means pretty minimal. Maternity leave exists, but is unpaid after FMLA. The worst thing is that they are combined with your spouse's, so if you both work here, you only get half the overall leave (as a couple) that you would if you worked for separate companies. Some departments are willing to work to accommodate child care and other obligations, some aren't. While management is generally accommodating for needs during work (nursing/pumping), the nature of the job in animal care makes it often hard to get away when necessary. I know a few women who gave up breastfeeding early because, although their department allowed them ample opportunity to take breaks, couldn't bring themselves to take it often enough to keep their milk. Even if management allows it, the strong teamwork ethos around here makes mothers feel like they are shirking if they take more breaks than other people or at different times. The most promising thing is that things seem to be steadily improving. The new CEO is promoting a lot more employee-friendly changes.

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