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"I worked here for six months, but it wasn't the right role for me. The leadership team is fantastic in a lot of ways, but still very young and has a long way to go with their mentoring skills. They were very much into 'just-in-time' policies, and while they expressed a lot of interest in diversity programs etc, their current goals lie elsewhere. Engineering team is friendly and enthusiastic, but there's undefined expectations around work hours and side projects. Leadership is white and male, and very good at working with people who work in exactly the same way as they do. They seem a little out of their depth when trying to deal with those who take a different approach. If you're really excited about your job, and love to pick up as many tasks outside your role as you can fit in, you'll thrive here. There was also several unconscious bias incidents, though once each was pointed out, everyone was open to feedback and took it on board."
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