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"Dressing to impress is important during the interview process and after being hired on. Looking your best (ironed/clean, professional-looking attire, make-up, brushed/washed/styled hair, dress shoes) is VERY important to them and will definitely be a factor in whether or not you are hired. The same goes for the males there, though (brushed/washed/styled hair, clean/ironed suit, tie, dress shoes, belt)."
Overall Job Satisfaction:
Are women & men treated equally?
Does the CEO support gender diversity?
One thing Smart Circle International can improve?
"Improve work-life balance and policies (e.g. flex-time, limit face time)"
Position or Department
Recruiting/Human Resources Manager, Human Resources
Recent Salary
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Level of Flexibility
"Long hours, unpredictable schedule. Not ideal for parents. Ideal for college students, high school graduates, intern-wanna-be's, and college graduates looking for a career in marketing and/or sales. "
Did you take Maternity leave?
Would you recommend Smart Circle International to other women?
"Working here is ideal for younger, single women. Not ideal for new mothers, pregnant women, or women who are unwilling to start at entry-level (primarily due to long hours, unpredictable schedule, and overwhelming commitment that is expected, especially for those who wish to be promoted quickly). "
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