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"While it does not seem that there is anything horrible about women protecting their time and well-being by sticking to their hours, it generally is less frowned upon when men do it. Sadly, that's not specific to Soundcare, but it is palpable when so much is asked of the employees each and every day."
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"Improve work-life balance and policies (e.g. flex-time, limit face time)"
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"It is the employee who is expected to be flexible and that is untenable to most. The turnover rate is outrageous. Many CNAs have taken to working for an agency, because the agency takes better care of them financially and supports their quality of life."
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Would you recommend Soundcare Inc. to other women?
"There is a culture of shared hardship and doing anything that protects yourself from exploitation is seen as placing that burden squarely on your co-workers. It creates an environment where people leave instead of facing their tired, overworked co-workers. And then who will take care of the residents? Going to work is one big guilt-trip."
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