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"T&M has come a long way from the Good Ol' Boy Days that a lot of similar companies are still stuck in. Having spoken to other women in this field (particularly in consulting), T&M appears to do a much better job of supporting you as who you are rather than trying to make you into the old school idea of a security professional. As the company has moved past the "guns, guards, and gates" mentality, so too have they moved past the "only hire ex-cops" practices. That's not to say everyone is perfect, but overall my experience here has been pleasant. We do have women in executive positions, and many of those women have been in security for long enough to know what it's like to come up in the field. They have all been incredibly candid with me regarding cultural issues of the past and present, and I truly feel that T&M is a better, more inclusive environment than many similar companies."
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"Each division here works in very different ways. I'm fortunate in that my division is quite small, and our VP is making conscious efforts to be a better supervisor - this includes being more flexible in things like time off, starting hours, work from home, etc, as well as hiring employees that are not traditionally in this field (i.e. young people, women, and anyone who isn't retired law enforcement). That said, however, I acknowledge that this may be different in other divisions, hence my selected rating. I'm relatively new here, so my experience with other teams is limited."
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